Subclass 457 – Overseas Business Sponsorship

Australia is one of the world’s largest economies with transparent and well-regulated industries in addition to it’s political stability and talented multicultural workforce.

Given this, many international businesses consider to enter the Australian markets making use of it’s gateway to Asia and strong economy.

Businesses intending on establishing a commercial presence such as a subsidiary, branch or head office in Australia are able to do so, without needing to establish a lawfully operating business in Australia.

If your organisation does not have any operations in Australia, there are options available for the business to sponsor employees via the subclass 457 visa program.

Overseas businesses sponsoring employees to work in Australia must be able to demonstrate that they are either:

  • Establishing a branch, subsidiary, joint venture or agency or;
  • Fulfilling contractual obligations or conducting other means of business activities in Australia

When applying to become an Overseas Business Sponsor the business will need to provide evidence that the purpose of the application is to enable the business to establish or assist to establish business operations in Australia with international connections, or to fulfil or assist in fulfilling a contractual obligation for the business.

Overseas Business Sponsors are still required to maintain and comply with all the obligations associated with sponsoring an employee in Australia such as their legal, tax and reporting obligations.

If your business is looking at the options associated with sponsoring your employees to further develop in the Australian market, or wish to establish a subsidiary or branch in Australia Ethos Migration is well placed to assist with these requirements.

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