Applying to become an Overseas Business Sponsor (OBS)

Unlike a ‘Standard Business Sponsorship‘, and Overseas Business Sponsorship allows businesses operating outside of Australia to sponsor employees to work in Australia under the TSS (subclass 482) visa program.

In most cases, an Overseas Business Sponsorship (OBS) is used when an overseas business intends to:

  • establish, or help establish, a business operation in association with a business located outside of Australia;
  • fulfil, or help fulfil a contractual obligation in Australia.

Schedule a Consultation with Ethos Migration Lawyers to Discuss Becoming an Approved Overseas Business Sponsor

Our Services

Ethos Migration Lawyers assist many businesses all over the world with their Australian global mobility requirements.

By working with us we can:

  • Assess your eligibility to become either an Overseas Business Sponsor or Standard Business Sponsor depending on your businesses circumstances;
  • Work with you to prepare, submit and monitor the application process on your behalf;
  • Assist you moving forward with the nominations and visa applications for sponsoring skilled overseas workers; and
  • Monitor and remind you of your obligations as a Business Sponsor periodically.
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