Applying for a Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) Subclass 400 Visa?

The Temporary Work (subclass 400) visa is a temporary visa that enables international skilled workers to come to Australia and undertake highly specialised paid work.

The work must be short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work and in limited circumstances can be used to participate in activities or work relating to Australia’s interests.

This visa is commonly used by businesses that require people in Australia that possess specialised skills that are not available in Australia such as commissioning a specialised piece of equipment that has been imported from overseas.

Eligibility for A Temporary Work SC400 Visa

You can apply for a Subclass 400 visa if you have specialised skills, knowledge or experience that:

  • can assist Australian business
  • can’t reasonably be found in the Australian labour market
  • will be non-ongoing

Non-ongoing work means work that is likely to be completed within 6 months or less, and you do not expect or arrange to stay in Australia after this time for any reason related to that work.

You must demonstrate that you have work in Australia that you are coming to complete that is of a specialised nature.

All applicants must demonstrate that they meet the Australian health requirement, meet the Australian character requirement and have enough means to support themselves and any dependent family members whilst in Australia.

Need Assistance with Your Subclass 400 Visa Application?

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Common Use Examples for a Subclass 400 Visa

Commission Specialised Equipment

A business has purchased specialised equipment from overseas that does not exist in Australia and requires specialised technicians/engineers to commission the equipment in Australia.

Undertake Specialised Consulting

A business is undertaking a project that requires short-term specialised on-site consulting that is not available in Australia.

Assist in Disaster Recovery/National Interests

A manufacturing business has been significantly impacted by a natural disaster and invites 5 highly skilled workers to assist with the large workload for 3 months during a peak period.

How We Can Help

Ethos Migration Lawyers will undertake a thorough consultation with you and assess whether the subclass 400 visa is the most appropriate option for your needs. 

Our team of expert immigration lawyers and registered migration agents will then work with the business and the applicants to prepare the application and supporting documentation until the visa is approved ensuring the application has the highest chances of success.

Temporary Specialised Work Visa Frequently Asked Questions

The average processing time for a subclass 400 visa is approximately one month, however processing times often change for a number of factors.

This question varies depending on the visa you are applying for, generally speaking you should demonstrate you have enough funds to support yourself whilst in Australia.

A subclass 400 visa is designed for people that need to come to Australia to undertake specialised short-term work. You normally need to be invited by a business or other organisation.

In most cases you will need a formal letter of invitation or employment contract showing the intended work and activities you are undertaking in Australia.

You should seek to have your documents certified by a person authorised in your country of residence to witness and certify documents.

After your application has been lodged, the Department will assess your application and contact you (or your migration agent/immigration lawyer) regarding any further information that is required and whether your visa has been granted or refused.

A thoroughly prepared, and complete application is critical to a quicker outcome and successful visa application. This can be achieved by engaging an experienced immigration lawyer & registered migration agent.

The subclass 400 visa is generally granted for a period of three months. However, up to six months may be considered by the Department if a strong business case can be provided which explains the necessity for more time.

Yes. Dependants such as your spouse/partner and children can be included in the visa application. Ensure you provide evidence regarding your relationship with them to your application.

Depending on your country of residence and countries you have recently visited you may be requested to undertake a health examination for your Australian visa.

All Subclass 400 visas are now issued electronically and are electronically attached to your passport.

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