Why is Immigration Auditing & Compliance Important?

If your business is an approved Accredited Sponsor or Standard Business Sponsorr you have sponsorship obligations that you are required to comply with.

Failing to comply with these obligations can result in significant financial penalties of up to $250,000 and restrictions on sponsoring further overseas employees.

A comprehensive audit of your business from an immigration compliance stand point will ensure your business is remaining compliant with it’s obligations as a Standard Business Sponsor, maintain proper records, and monitor visa-holding populations.

Benefits Of Immigration Audits

  • Routine Work Rights Checks
  • Visa Holding Employee Monitoring
  • Maintaining Appropriate Records
  • Ongoing Advice & Recommendations

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How Ethos Migration Lawyers Can Assist Your Organisation

Routine Work Rights Reporting

Routine work rights checking is an important function of immigration compliance. Our monthly reporting will alert you and provide advice on any changes or actions that need to be taken in respect of visa holding workers entitlement changes.

Sponsorship Obligations

Your obligations as a Standard Business Sponsor include notifying the Department when certain events occur. Our team will continue to monitor these events and advise your business and make the appropriate notifications when required.

Ongoing Monitoring & Advice

Monthly reporting which includes the monitoring of visa holding populations and on-going advice in respect to general immigration compliance and strategy.

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