Applying for a Medical Treatment (subclass 602) visa

The Medical Treatment Visa is a temporary visa which allows individuals to enter or stay in Australia to undergo medical treatment.

The visa will be granted with the duration of treatment in mind. However, the visa may also be granted if an individual has been refused a separate Australian permanent visa on health grounds and are unfit to depart Australia.

The SC602 Medical Treatment visa spans a wide variety of situations and eligibility requirements encompass individuals who are supporting people undertaking treatment in Australia, donating an organ, receiving an organ, or intending to come to Australia under the agreements between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health.

Eligibility Streams for a Medical Treatment (subclass 602) Visa

To apply for the visa under this pathway, you must be undertaking medical treatment and/or consultation in Australia.

Under this category, you must have been refused a permanent visa in Australia on health grounds and are unfit to depart due to your health condition(s).

To apply as an organ donor, you must be seeking to donate an organ for transplant in Australia.

Under this category, you must be supporting someone who has either applied for, or been granted a Medical Treatment (subclass 602) visa.

To apply via the financial hardship stream, an applicant must hold a subclass 602, 675 or 685 visa. The applicant must be suffering financial hardship as a result of the changes in the applicants circumstances since they entered Australia, and the applicant must prove that they are likely to become a charge on the Commonwealth. In this situation, an applicant must not be able to leave Australia due to circumstances beyond his or her control. In addition to this, compelling personal reasons must be provided to allow for the stay in Australia.

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Medical Treatment (subclass 602) Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst there are no restrictions on the age of the applicant, the medical condition in question must not be a threat to the public health of Australia, and one applying must meet the Departments character requirement. You will be unable to work on this visa, however, you may be able to study for up to three months. You must not have had a previous visa cancelled whilst you were in Australia, and if you had any debt to Australia in the past, you must have paid this back prior to lodging the application. The Department will request proof that you have adequate means to support yourself. What this means is you must be able to finance:

  • Your travel to Australia
  • Your medical treatment
  • Other expenses related to your stay in Australia, and
  • The expenses of anyone who comes with you to Australia (this includes an organ donor’s expenses, as well as any supporting person joining you)

If you are in Australia, and do not hold a substantive visa, when you make your application it must be accompanied by a Form 1507 – Evidence of Intended Medical Treatment (includes consultation) to make a valid visa application.

The Medical Treatment Visa is a temporary visa which allows individuals to enter or stay in Australia to undergo medical treatment. It can also be applied for by individuals wishing to enter, or remain in Australia to support someone who has applied for, or been granted a Medical Treatment visa.

Medical treatment visas do not allow you to work at all. If your circustances permit, you may be able to apply for work rights on the grounds of financial hardship.

If you require medical treatment in Australia, this visa may be suitable for you.

After your application has been lodged, the Department will assess your application and contact you (or your migration agent/immigration lawyer) regarding any further information that is required and whether your visa has been granted or refused.

A thoroughly prepared, and complete decision-ready application is critical to a quicker outcome and successful visa application. This can be achieved by engaging an experienced immigration lawyer or registered migration agent.

Generally, the medical treatment visa will be valid for the duration of the treatment. In most cases, the Department will not grant a medical treatment visa for more than one year.

All Medical Treatment (subclass 602) visas are now issued electronically and are electronically attached to your passport.

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