Applying to become a Standard Business Sponsor

Applying to become a Standard Business Sponsor is the first step when considering sponsoring overseas workers in Australia.

A Standard Business Sponsorship enables businesses to be approved for a period of 5 years to nominate skilled overseas workers in Australia for a TSS (subclass 482) visa.

Standard Business Sponsor Requirements

Organisations must satisfy the Department that they are lawfully operating. This can be demonstrated by providing evidence of business registrations, and other legal documentation.

The business must also be actively trading. For established businesses this means showing evidence that the business trades on a day to day basis and is actively operating.

For new businesses such as start-ups, this requirement must also be satisfied however the Department will take a flexible approach when assessing this criteria.

The Department must be satisfied that there is no adverse information against the business or anyone associated with the business (directors, shareholders etc).

Adverse information is any information that may impact your suitability to be approved as a sponsor.

In some circumstances it can be reasonable to disregard this information.

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Benefits Of Becoming A Standard Business Sponsor

Access To A Global Pool Of Skilled Candidates

Businesses are not limited to the Australian labour market when considering hiring the right talent for their organisation.

International Company Transfers

Global organisations can easily transfer staff from other locations to Australia if required.

5 Year Approval Period

A Standard Business Sponsor is approved for a period of five years. This means that you do not need to worry about having to renew your sponsorship approval often.

Our Service

Ethos Migration Lawyers assist many businesses in Australia and internationally with their global mobility needs.

By working with us we will:

  • Assess your eligibility to become a Standard Business Sponsor;
  • Work with you to prepare, submit and monitor the application process on your behalf;
  • Assist you moving forward with the nominations and visa applications for sponsoring skilled overseas workers; and
  • Monitor and remind you of your obligations as a Standard Business Sponsor periodically.
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