The Australian housing boom is continually causing a larger and larger shortage of skilled tradespeople in Australia.

Australian builders are calling for quicker and easier processing for skilled tradespeople to be able to access the Temporary subclass 457 visa programme.

The bricklaying industry is specifically being affected by the shortage Australia is facing and new data released by the building and housing industry of Australia has stated that ‘three years ago, the cost for bricklaying was about $900 per 1000 bricks and now it has exceeded $1,500 per 1000 bricks.

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia’s two largest cities are in most demand for skilled tradespeople and in particular brick layers.

The subclass 457 temporary skilled migration visa is becoming a very popular and viable option for builders and owners of bricklaying companies to cater for the increased demand of bricklayers in Australia.

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) is a visa that lets a skilled worker travel to Australia and work in their nominaed occupation for their approved sponsor for up to four years.

In order for a business to sponsor a skilled worker from overseas, the business will first need to be appoved as a ‘Standard Business Sponsor’ and then ‘Nominate’ their skilled worker for the occupation.

The occupation must be listed on the Consolidated Occupation List (CSOL) to be nominated.

After the business has been approved as a standard business sponsor and has successfully nominated the skilled worker for their occupation, the skilled worker (applicant) can then proceed to making a valid 457 visa application.

Ethos Migration specialises in assisting businesses and individuals in their 457 applications and provide up to date, professional and affordable services to enable employers and skilled workers to meet their objectives.

For further information on how Ethos Migration can help your 457 application, or help your business sponsor overseas workers contact us today.

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