If you are thinking of applying for a visa to live, work or study in Australia or you are an employer considering sponsoring an overseas worker Ethos Migration can assist with the whole process. Australian Migration law can be complicated and is rapidly changing.

Ensuring your application to the Department of Home Affairs is successful is a very important consideration applicants must make.

By engaging the services of Ethos Migration you can be confident that your matter is in the hands of a Registered Migration Agent and/or Immigration Lawyer who has the appropriate skills and qualifications as required by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority also known as MARA.

Ethos Migration’s Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers are experienced and qualified to provide accurate, and up to date migration services leaving our clients confident that their application is in the right hands.

Before venturing into the world of Australian migration law, it is important to assess the criteria and requirements of the application you are considering to make. Ethos Migration provides consultations to our clients to enable us to properly assess the application’s chances of success and raise any issues that may arise during the progression of your application.

A consultation is a great way to understand the requirement of Australian visa applications and ensure you are eligible for that visa subclass. This can be incredibly valuable as applications refused by the Department of Home Affairs are generally ineligible for a refund of visa application charges (which are mostly in the thousands of dollars).

Furthermore having a visa refused onshore in Australia will lead to a Section 48 bar, meaning you will be prevented from lodging any further visa applications in Australia (except in very limited circumstances).

Australian Migration Law is made up of the Migration Act 1958, the Migration Regulations 1994 and the Procedures Advice Manual 3 (PAM3) which is used by Departmental officers to assist them in the processing and assessment of visa applications.

Our registered migration agents and Immigration Lawyers provide our clients with advice in plain English making it easy to understand and providing proper and clear guidance.

A large majority of our clients sometimes have the impression a visa application consists of completing an application form online and sending it to the Department. In an ideal world this would be fantastic but in reality visa applications are much more complex.

Depending on the visa subclass, documents from third parties are required, submissions need to be completed, documents must be certified and documents not in English must be accompanied by a accredited English translation.

If you are considering making a visa application for any Australian migration matter it is highly recommended you contact us for an initial consultation. Even if you are confident in lodging the application yourself, it may be very well worth the time in the long run.

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