TSS 482 Sponsorship Obligations

Standard Business Sponsorship Obligations - TSS 482 Visa

It is of utmost importance that businesses and visa holders remain compliant with their obligations as a business sponsor and the conditions imposed on individuals visas.

The Department of Home Affairs and The Australian Border Force work together to ensure businesses are remaining compliant with their sponsorship obligations and visa holders are complaint with the conditions imposed on their visas.

Businesses can be liable for significant penalties, and the removal of their sponsorship status. Individual visa holders can also have their visas cancelled if they do not comply with the conditions of their visas.

Standard Business Sponsor Obligations

In an effort to prevent the exploitation of international workers in Australia and to ensure that the visa program is appropriately being used to address skill shortages, businesses are obligated to do the following:

  • Cooperate with the Department for audits on compliance


  • Ensure the terms and conditions of their sponsored workers are fair and no less favourable to what would be provided to an Australian employee
  • Keep and maintain records of employment for all 457/482 sponsored visa holders
  • Ensure that the sponsored 457/482 visa holders are not performing any duties outside of the occupation they were nominated in
  • Do not seek to recover, or recover costs associated with the sponsorship of the 457/482 visa holder
  • Do not engage in discriminatory recruitment practices
  • Pay travel costs for all sponsored workers and their dependants to depart Australia if required
  • Pay costs associated with the locating and removal of an unlawful non-citizen (former sponsored worker)

Do you have Further questions on your obligations as a business sponsor?

If you have any further questions surrounding your obligations as a standard business sponsor or the conditions of your visa holding population please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance by submitting an online enquiry, emailing us at info@ethosmigration.com.au or contacting us by telephone on 1300 083 843.

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