Queensland Nominations Open For SC190 & SC491 Visas – State Nomination Applications For Skilled Workers

Queensland Nominations Open for SC190 and SC491 – State Nomination Applications for Skilled Workers

The Queensland Government has opened nominations for the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491).

The SC190 is for onshore skilled workers and Queensland PhD graduates who wish to live and work in Queensland permanently. The SC491 allows nominated skilled workers to live and work in regional Queensland for 5 years and is a pathway to permanent residency.

Nominations are currently only open to skilled workers living in Queensland. The skilled visa program is currently closed to skilled workers living offshore with a review due to occur in December 2021.

Who can apply?

In addition to the Home Affairs criterion, to be eligible you must:

  • Have scored at least 80 points (SC190) or 65 Points (SC491) on the Department points test
  • Have an eligible skilled occupation (LIN 19/051)
  • Have Proficient English
  • Provide evidence of ongoing employment with a Queensland employer that is registered in Queensland for a further 12 months (minimum of 35 hours per week). For a SC491 visa, this must be ongoing employment in a regional area
  • Commit to living and working in Queensland for 2 years for a 190 visa and 3 years for the SC491 from visa grant

Additional Eligibility Requirements for SC190 Nomination

If you are lodging an Expression of Interest for a SC190 visa must provide evidence of full-time post-qualification employment (minimum of 35 hours per week) over the past 6 months in Queensland in your nominated occupation immediately prior to submitting your EOI

Additional Eligibility Requirements for SC491 Nomination

To be eligible for a SC491 visa you must live and work within an applicable region.

You must live and work within one of the applicable post codes:

4124–4125, 4133, 4183–4184, 4207–4275, 4280–4287, 4306–4498, 4507, 4517–4519, 4550–4575, 4580–4895

If you are lodging an Expression of Interest for a SC491 visa you must provide evidence that you have been living in regional Queensland and undertaking full-time post-qualification employment (minimum of 35 hours per week) over the past 3 months

Other Pathways to Apply for QLD Nomination

The following pathways are also available providing you also meet the relevant Home Affairs and Migration Queensland eligibility requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degreegraduatesare eligible to apply for a SC491 providing they:

  • Meet the relevant Home Affairs and Migration Queensland eligibility requirements
  • Are currently working onshore in Queensland in an occupation listed on LIN 19/051
  • Studied at a Queensland University and have completed their course with a minimum GPA 6.0
  • Have a minimum of 3 months’ work experience of at least 20 hours per week (after graduation) in the nominated or closely related occupation
  • Have a job offer for a minimum of 20 hours per week for 12 months

PhD graduates are eligible to apply for either a SC190 or SC491 providing they:

  • Have an occupation on LIN 19/051
  • Have completed their course in Queensland
  • Have received a decision on thesis or graduated in the last 2 years

Small business owners in regional Queensland are eligible to apply for nomination for the SC491 visa providing:

  • They currently live and operate a small business in a regional area listed under an applicable postcode
  • Have an occupation listed on LIN 19/051
  • Have a positive skills assessment
  • Have full time work rights
  • Are not currently studying

What occupations are given preference by the Queensland Government for the SC190 and SC491 visas?

  • Accountants (must be a CPA or studying towards becoming a CPA)
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Cooks and Chefs (no takeaway or fast-food businesses)

Application Process

To apply you must:

  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa type you are applying for (as well as the nomination requirements) and have all documentation ready
  2. Submit an EOI with SkillSelect and select Queensland as your intended state of residence.

After you apply:

  1. Migration Queensland will assess your application
  2. You will be emailed if further information is required to support your application. You must respond within 2 weeks to this email.
  3. Once your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to lodge your visa application. You must submit this application within 60 days

More information

If you would like any further information on the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491), or the Queensland state nomination requirements, please contact our office.

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