Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has advised, that apart of a larger AU$1 billion innovation programme, the new Australian Entrepreneur visa is looking to retain and attract young, talented, high achievers in Australia in completion of their studies in Australia.

PM, Malcolm Turnball stated that:

“This is all about unleashing the ideas boom. Unlike a mining boom, it is a boom that can continue forever, it is limited only by our imagination… The more high-quality, effective, productive enterprising entrepreneurs we can attract, the better. Because they drive jobs.”

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is looking at making plans to facilitate a pathway for high achieving foreign students that are recent graduates from Australian education institutions.

The focus will be focused around students that complete Australian studies with specialised doctorate-level and masters by reasearch qualifications, especially focusing on students with academic backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and specified I.T related fields in a move to drive growth in Australia.

Malcolm Turnball also advised that there would be no cap in place for applicants looking to apply for the new Australian Entrepreneur Visa, making this visa very accessible for a range of applicants.

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