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Please note: As of March 2018 the Subclass 457 visa was abolished and has now been replaced with the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) (subclass 482) visa.

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The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) visa

The subclass 457 visa is the most common visa Australian employers use to sponsor skilled workers from overseas.

It allows visa holders to work for up to 4 years under the sponsorship of their employer. The business that sponsors an overseas skilled worker must be an approved Standard Business Sponsor to be able to sponsor someone to work on a 457.

The subclass 457 visa is a three stage process:

First Stage: The business must apply to become a Standard Business Sponsor to be able to nominate an overseas skilled worker in their company.

Second Stage: The approved business sponsor is required to lodge a nomination for a position in the business that is required to be filled.

Third Stage: The prospective applicant needs to make an application for a subclass 457 visa.

The subclass 457 visa application is required to be lodged either after the sponsorship and nomination or at the same time.

Criteria for 457 Nomination

For a business to sponsor an employee under a 457 work visa, employers are required to apply with the Department to receive an approval for the nomination.

The main criteria for a nomination approval are:

  • The position must be on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL)
  • The position must be remunerated at the industry market rate and that market rate must be at or above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)
  • The terms and conditions of employment must be no less favourable than what would be offered to an Australian citizen or Permanent resident
  • In some cases, Labour Market Testing is required, which requires the employer to show evidence they have attempted to recruit Australian citizens and/or Permanent residents in the position prior to seeking overseas skilled labour

Criteria for a 457 Visa Application

Once an application for Standard Business Sponsorship and a Nomination have been applied for or approved the prospective employee must make an application to obtain a subclass 457 visa to allow them to work lawfully in Australia.

The main criteria for an application are:

  • Have the necessary skills and/or qualifications of the nominated position they have been nominated under
  • Hold the required licensing and/or registration required for their occupation if applicable
  • Obtain and maintain private health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia
  • Must meet the English language requirement as set out for 457 visas

Experts in 457 Visas

There are a range of requirements when applying to work under a 457 or if you are looking at sponsoring a worker for a 457. Ethos Migration can assist employers and applicants with the entire process, ensuring nothing is missed and the process is simple and stress-free.
If you have been working as a holder of a 457 for two years for the same company in the same occupation, you may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency via the Temporary Residence Transition Stream of the Employer Nominated Scheme visa.

Ethos Migration can assist you with the whole process.

When applying for a 457 visa, it is imporant you are aware of the various requirements in each of the stages (Standard Business Sponsorship, Nomination & Application).

There are specific salary rates that need to be paid known as the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshhold (TSMIT) which ensures that employers are paying their 457 holders above the award rate.

Labour Market Testing also needs to be conducted to ensure that there is no available Australian labour to fill the position you wish the 457 visa applicant to fill.

You can only sponsor people with certain occupations, not all occupations are available and it is important the occupations are listed on the relevant occupation list.

Ethos Migration takes away the complication of the process and will ensure a simple and stress free migration solution for you.

How can our immigration agents help?

Our Registered Migration Agents at Ethos Migration can make your subclass 457 visa application simple and stress-free whether you are the sponsoring employer or the applicant. Our experts are available on call to assist you with the entire process.

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