Temporary & Permanent Parent Visas

Australian Parent Visa Options

The Australian visa system has six classes of visas that people may be eligible to apply for if they are wanting to assist their parents to migrate to Australia on a permanent basis.

Currently, there are two options for Parents wanting to be sponsored by their children to live in Australia permanently and a 3 or 5 year visa known as the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (subclass 870) Visa

Option 1 – Apply for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (subclass 870) Visa

This is a temporary visa that let’s parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents visit and remain in Australia for up to 3 or 5 years. A sponsorship is required for this visa for each parent and the Balance of Family Test (BoF) does not apply. The maximum stay is up 10 years but all subsequent visa applications for this visa must be applied from outside Australia.

Option 2 – Apply for an Aged Parent visa (subclass 804) or Parent visa (subclass 103)

This option has a very long waiting period for the visas to be processed, the Department of Home Affairs is currently advising that it could take up to 30 years for one of the above visas to be granted.

Option 3 – Apply for a Contributory (temporary) Parent visa (subclass 173) or Contributory (temporary) Aged Parent visa (subclass 884)

When applying for this visa, it is a two stage process. If the requirements are met, you will be issued with your temporary visa and will then have two years to apply for your corresponding permanent visa.

The permanent visa’s are the Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 864) and the Contributory parent visa (subclass 143) depending on the age requirements.

The contributory parent visas have much higher visa application charges, and can be in excess of $45,000 for each applicant.

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Temporary & Permanent Parent Visa Australia

What is the difference between the aged parent visas, and the parent visas?

Depending on the age of the applicants, they will need to apply for a visa in respect to their current age. To be eligible to apply for an aged parent visa, you will need to be eligible for the ‘Aged Pension’ in Australia.

This is the age requirements.

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What are the requirements?

  • You must have a child who is an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen who is willing to sponsor you
  • Your child must of been lawfully resident in Australia for at least two years
  • Meet the age requirements as set out by the regulations
  • Meet the balance of family test
  • Meet health and character requirements

What is the balance of family test?

In order to be eligible to apply for any parent visa, you will need to be able to prove that you satisfy the balance of family test.

The balance of family test is used by the Australian government to measure your connection and ties to Australia.

You meet the balance of family test requirement if you either:

  • Have at least half (or 50%) of your children that live permanently in Australia
  • More of your children live in Australia permanently than in any other country.

Please note: you and your partners children are included in the test which includes step children and adopted children.

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