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Fast-tracked Permanent Residency: Myths and Facts around the 457 Visa Pathway

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After acquiring a 457 Employer Sponsored Working Visa, the standard period of time after which an application for permanent residency can be made is that of 2 years. However, the requirement that eligible applicants can only apply after the period of 2 years has passed is a common misconception.

A 457 visa-holder of two years is eligible to apply for Permanent Residency via the Temporary Transition Stream. Through the Direct Entry Stream, however, there is no requirement for eligible applicants to hold a 457 visa. In addition, the Direct Entry stream does not impose any time limits.

Permanent Residency can also be accessed if an employee has been working for their sponsoring employer for 2 years through visas of subclass 186 or 187. Some concessions apply, relating to no requirement of formal qualification and Skills Assessment, as well as a minimum of 5 across bands for IELTS score.

A subclass 186 visa allows eligible applicants to apply for Permanent Residency through the Direct Entry stream if they have a positive Skills Assessment, IELTS scores of 6’s (minimum) and 3 years of post-qualification employment experience after receiving the qualification, in the same occupation.

Through a subclass 187 visa, applicants can receive Permanent Residency also through the Direct Entry stream, if they have IELTS scores of 6’s (minimum) and the relevant qualification that is relevant to their occupation. The majority of occupations do not require Skills Assessment.

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