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Australia Needs 300,000 Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers and Builders

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Construction Workers 457

The importance of the subclass 457 visa has been highlighted after it has been stated that more than one-third of Australian apprentice’s drop out of their apprenticeship within one year of employment.

Australian Newspaper, ‘The Australian’ stated that:

The skills shortage crisis is likely to deepen with the average age of a trades person now being 40; a looming shortage of plumbers, electricians, and builders; and the unwillingness of school-leavers to pursue trade skills.

New South Wales Skills Minister, John Barilaro advised ‘The Australian’ that:

We’re paying the price of two or three decades of telling kids that trade jobs wont get you a great lifestyle or income and that parents are encouraging kids to pursue higher education such as university instead.

Master Builders CEO, Wilhelm Harnisch told ‘The Australian’ that:

The shortage of skilled trades people in Australia is disturbing as the construction industry would need an extra 300,000 extra trades people within the next decade.

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