Labour Agreements

Labour Agreements

If your looking at hiring a large amount of overseas labour outside of the subclass 457 program, a Labour Agreement between the employer, the employer’s industry group or body and the Australian Government via the assistance of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Ethos Migration is well equipped to assist employers whom are looking at establishing a Labour Agreement with the Australian Government ensuring professional advice is given, guidance and entire management of the application.

How can a Labour Agreement help a company?

If a company is requiring a skill set only held by overseas national’s for a large number of people a Labour Agreement can facilitate this process.

Alternatively, if an industry has identified a shortage or gap in the skilled labour market, a large scale number of offshore national’s may be required.

What are the requirements of a Labour Agreement?

  • Worker’s are provided with pathways for temporary and permanent migration in Australia
  • Employer’s are required to make employment, education, training and career advancement commitments to the workers
  • The Labour Agreement must be in the best interests of Australia, its economy and its people


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