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Accredited Sponsorship



Accredited Sponsorship

Becoming an Accredited Sponsor and receiving Accredited Sponsorship Status

Accredited Sponsorship status is given to large-scale organisations that require an ongoing need for sponsoring international skilled workers. When applications are received by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection priority processing is afforded to applications that are associated with an organisation that has an Accredited Sponsorship status.

Businesses with Accredited Sponsorship status are also provided with a longer Business Sponsorship duration of 6 years, instead of the standard 5 years given to ordinary Standard Business Sponsors.

There are a number of requirements to be eligible for Accredited Sponsorship Status:

  • The business must be a publicly listed company, government agency, or private company with at least A$4 Million annual turnover for the previous three years
  • The business must have been an active Subclass 457/TSS visa sponsor for at least three years with no adverse information being recorded against the organisation such as warnings or sanctions
  • The business must have sponsored at least 10 457/TSS visa holders in the previous 24 months before lodging an application to become an Accredited Sponsor
  • The business must have lodged a certain amount of ‘decision-ready’ applications over the last two years
  • The business must have had a non-approval rate of less than 3% for the previous three years
  • The workforce ratios in the business must be made up of at least 75% of Australian employees working in Australia and have a genuine commitment to maintain that level

If your organisation is considering becoming an Accredited Sponsor please contact Ethos Migration today for further information.

Benefits of Accredited Sponsorship

The Department of Immigration will prioritise applications that are in association to an Accredited Sponsor.

Accredited Sponsors are provided with a six year sponsorship approval period instead of the standard 5 years.

Nomination applications from Accredited Sponsor’s that have a nominated base salary equal to or greater than the Fair Work High Income Threshold ($138,900 as of 1 July 2016) will be provided streamlined processing arrangements.


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