What is the Public Interest Criterion 4020 (PIC 4020)?

As of the 22nd March 2014, the PIC has now been re badged to the ‘Integrity’ PIC which pretty much summaries what this criterion is all about.

The PIC 4020 is a requirement that is attached to a range of visas (see below) that needs to be met in order to complete a valid visa applications.

The first criterion relates to an applicant or any additional applicants not being able to satisfy the Department of Immigration & Border Protection of their identity.

If the Department is not satisfied with the identity provided, a PIC 2040 will be issued to the applicant.

If an applicant, or any additional applicants provide a false, misleading, or bogus document in support of their application, or for any further information the Department of Immigration & Border Protection request, the applicant will then be subject to the PIC 4020.

What happens if you are subject to the PIC 4020?

If you are subject to the PIC 4020 due to identity requirements, the Department may ask for further information to satisfy your identity requirements.

If you are subject to the PIC 4020 due to providing false, misleading or bogus documents and you still believe you should be granted a visa, you are given a chance to comment.

If you decide to comment, you must write to the Department as soon as possible justifying your claims on why you should be granted the visa.

If you are still refused a visa, you may have the right to seek a review by the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT). Your decision record will contain your entitlements whether you are able to have your matter reviewed or not.

It is important that if you decide to have your matter reviewed, you act on it as soon as possible.

What visas are affected by PIC 4020?

The following visas are affected by the PIC 4020:

  • Skilled Migration Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Temporary Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Family Visas

The PIC 4020 is a very serious requirement and all applicants should be aware of the consequences of providing false or misleading documents, or not being able to prove their identity.

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