If you wish to sponsor an employee who is overseas or a temporary visa holder in Australia, you will need to ensure that the salary that applies to the nominated position meets certain criteria.

Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold

The TSMIT, or Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold, is set by the Department of Home Affairs and is subject to change each year. Currently, TSMIT is $53,900, meaning that the prospective employee for the position you wish to fill – regardless of occupation – must earn a minimum of $53,900 each year. This amount is exclusive of superannuation, meaning that you must also pay the requisite percentage – currently 9.5% – to the employee’s nominated superannuation account.

Annual Market Salary Rate

The other primary requirement is that the proposed salary must be within the market rate for the role. This is to ensure that the prospective employee will be paid at least as much as an Australian employee in a comparable role.

If you do not have an equivalent worker in your business who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you will need to provide reasons as to how the prospective employee’s annual salary has been determined. If this information indicates that the nominee will be paid less than the AMSR, the nomination will be at risk of refusal.

Caveats on Annual Salary

There are also caveats that apply to certain occupations, which specify that the annual earnings of the prospective employee must not be less than a particular amount – and this amount exceeds TSMIT.

If caveats 2, 3, 4, 5, or 23 apply to an occupation, that means that the annual salary must exceed $65,000 (for 2 and 3), $80,000 (for 4), $180,001 (for 5), or $90,000 (for 23).

Occupations to which these caveats apply are as follows:

Occupation ANZSCO Caveat
Conference and Event Organiser 149311 2
Customer Service Manager 149212 2
Human Resource Adviser 223111 2
Liaison Officer 224912 2
Market Research Analyst 225112 2
Marketing Specialist 225113 2
Multimedia Designer 232413 2
Procurement Manager 133612 2
Property Manager 612112 2
Real Estate Representative 612115 2
Technical Sales Representatives nec 225499 2
Sales and Marketing Manager 131112 3
Supply and Distribution Manager 133611 3
Corporate Services Manager 132111 4
Chief Executive or Managing Director 111111 5
Corporate General Manager 111211 5
Building and Engineering Technicians nec 312999 23
Electrical Linesworker 342211 23
Financial Institution Branch Manager 149914 23
Gas or Petroleum Operator 399212 23
Management Consultant 224711 23
Policy and Planning Manager 132411 23
Public Relations Manager 131114 23
Recruitment Consultant 223112 23
Ship’s Master 231213 23
Sports Administrator 139915 23

Should you wish to sponsor an overseas worker or temporary visa holder, there are many things to consider in order to ensure that their application has the best chance of success, including the TSMIT and AMSR, and additional caveats that apply to certain occupations.

Get in touch and we will make the process – including the sponsorship, nomination, and visa applications – stress-free.

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