High risk countries such as India & Nepal have become the focus for the Department of Immigration & Border Protection to ensure all students are abiding by their visa conditions and are studying as per their visas in Australia.

Navitas, who is an education provider that enrolls significant amounts of students from countries from Nepal & India has had an estimated $100,000,000.00 drop in their share prices.

China, Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia also take up a majority of the student enrollments for study in Australia.

A spokesperson from the Department of Immigration & Border Protection told the Australian, ‘the department continues to closely examine subsequent onshore visa applications from students engaged in course-hopping’.

It is important for all international students to understand that the Department can cancel visas if they believe the applications are found to be non genuine.

If you are thinking of changing courses, enrolling in a course, or have any questions regarding your student visa, please contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation to reduce the chances of your application being refused, or your current visa being cancelled.

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