Strong Indonesia-Australian bond sealed by grant of 3year Visa

The Indonesia-Australia Business Week in Jakarta saw Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, along with Trade Minister, Andrew Robb making important announcements in relation to immigration affairs between Australia and Indonesia.

From 2016, Indonesians will enjoy a 3year multiple entry visa to Australia. In an attempt to recognize the strong relationship between Australia and Indonesia, the federal government opted to extend the current one-year visa for visitors into the new 3year one. The news have been well-received by migration agents as well as visa-holders throughout Australia and Indonesia.

According to the Immigration Minister’s Media Release, a more easily accessible online application process will aim to strengthen the bond between the two countries, which expands into tourism as well as business, by 2017. Taking into consideration the 6% growth of Indonesian visitors from 2013 to 2015 and contributions of up to $600 to the Australian economy, the initiatives can be seen as the realization of the government’s development strategy.

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