South Australia: Updates to the 2022 – 2023 Skilled & Business Migration Programs

South Australia has recently opened the 2022 – 2023 General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. This year, the program has published an amended skilled occupation list, revealing itself proudly as one of the nation’s most extensive and vast skilled occupation lists.

This year, skilled migrants and highly talented graduates are able to seek nomination from over 500 occupations. However, this was not the only commendable amendment to the South Australian GSM program. More specifically, the occupations offered to overseas workers has increased vastly, from 380 occupations listed during 2021 – 2022, to 470 this year. This brings numbers back to pre-COVID dates, and we at Ethos Migration Lawyers, hope to continue seeing this trend rise.

Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) & Skilled Regional (subclass 491) Visa Nominations

For the 2022 – 2023 Skilled Migration Program, nominations for the SC190 and SC491 visas will be prioritised for individuals with backgrounds in ‘in demand’ industries. These include sectors such as Health, ICT, Education, Engineering, Agribusiness and Trades. Furthermore, the GSM Program aims to support applicants that can bring their skills to growth industries.

Growth-industries refer to sectors such as Hi-Tech, Digital, Health and Life Sciences, Green Energy, Defence, Space and Cyber Security.

These amendments come with an aim to nominate migrants who already live and work in South Australia. Particular emphasis has been placed to retain these applicants with in-demand skills, in addition to nominating skilled and experienced migrants with the hopes of filling critical labour shortages that have impacted Australia since the pandemic.

Business Innovation & Investment (subclass 188) Visa Nominations

In addition to the GSM program changes, South Australia has also received an interim allocation of 70 Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) nomination places. These allocations come from the Department of Home Affairs, with the aim of opening state nominations for the BIIP program on Thursday the 8th of September, 2022

The following relevant measures are in place for the subsequent streams:

  • Business Innovation Stream (Subclass 188A): Moving forward, interested parties who plan to apply for South Australian Nomination are required to submit an ‘Intention to Apply’ (ITA) for consideration. Following the submission of the ITA enquiries, applicants who have portrayed their ability to create genuine and sustainable business opportunities in South Australia may be invited to apply for State nomination.
  • Investor Stream (Subclass 188B) and Significant Investor Stream (Subclass 188C): Applications will be assessed by considering each individual application on its merits, keeping in mind the broader benefit to South Australia.
  • Entrepreneur Stream (Subclass 188E): Applicants applying for the Entrepreneur Stream must still require the endorsement of an approved Service Provider prior to the lodgement of their state nomination application.

If you need assistance applying for the GSM program in South Australia, or if you have any further questions or queries about South Australian state nomination please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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