If you are in a de facto or married relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen you may be able to apply for a Partner Visa.

Alternatively, if your partner is offshore, you may be eligible to apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa to bring your partner to Australia and plan your wedding.

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The Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS Visa) (subclass 482) is the most common visa Australian employers use to sponsor skilled workers from overseas.

It allows visa holders to work for up to 4 years under the sponsorship of their employer. The business that sponsors an overseas skilled worker must be an approved Standard Business Sponsor to be eligible to sponsor someone on a TSS (subclass 482) visa.

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Australia offers 3 types of visitor visas for Australia, which allow you to visit as a tourist, or conduct various business activities that do not involve remuneration.

Ethos Migration can assist you tailor a plan, if you are looking at arriving in Australia as a tourist to explore your further options in Australia.

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If you are considering studying in Australia, Ethos Migration can assist you with your enrolment and visa application.

Ethos Migration also assists international students in Australia that would like to further explore their options whilst in Australia.

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Ethos Migration is your ideal partner to provide you advice regarding general skilled migration applications. We have assisted a wide range of clients from all parts of the world to achieve their migration goals in Australia.

Following an in depth assessment of your position, Ethos Migration will assist you every step of the way in securing your permanent residency in Australia.

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There are a range of visa options for Parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens wishing to migrate to Australia to be with their children.

Ethos Migration assists to reunite parents with their children by conducting thorough assessments of their situation ensuring all criteria are met prior to lodging an application.

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Visa Refusals
If you have had your visa refused, there may be options available to you. Depending on your circumstance Ethos Migration may be able to assist in finding you a solution to your previous visa refusal.

Visa Cancellations
If you have been issued with a Notice of Intention to Cancel (NOIC) by the Department there may be options available to you. Ethos Migration will assess your individual circumstances based on its merits and advise you of the options that may be available to you.

Visa Appeals
In a majority of circumstances, when the Department refuses or cancels a visa, applicants are offered the opportunity to lodge an appeal of the decision issued by the Department.

This appeal is conducted by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and Ethos Migration has had extensive experiance in assisting clients receive a favourable result.

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Obtaining a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) is the first step when looking to hire overseas skilled workers.

Australian businesses are required to demonstrate a legally operating and active business in Australia as well as a commitment to provide training to Australian Permanent Residents & Australian Citizens.

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