Further to the broad range of announcements made by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection in recent times, an updated legislative instrument named IMMI 17/059 has been released.

The Department of Immigration & Border Protection have introduced a legislative instrument that removes Perth as a ‘Specified Regional Area’.

What this now means, is that for Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (subclass 186) applications, along with other particular sub classes are no longer able to utilise metropolitan Perth as a regional area for their visa applications.

What areas of Western Australia are now considered regional?

The updated areas of Western Australia that are now considered regional are:

Western Australia

(Excludes Perth Metropolitan Area)


6041 to 6044

6083 to 6084

6121 to 6126

6200 to 6799

Does this change affect any other visa sub classes?

As Metropolitan Perth is no longer considered regional, this will have an effect for subclass 457/TSS visa applications that are being sponsored in an occupation that requires them to be in a regional area.

Certain occupations contain caveats that only allow that occupation to be sponsored if the position is located in specified regional areas of Australia.

Given that Metropolitan Perth has now been removed as a specified regional area, occupations that contain a ‘regional area’ caveat for the 457/TSS visa are unable to be sponsored in Perth.

The full legislative instrument can be found here.

If you have any questions about how this change may affect you, or would like further information, please contact us via email or on 1300 083 843.

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