Corporate Immigration Services – Recruitment Industry

Corporate Immigration Services – Recruitment

The Recruitment industry in Australia faces a number of challenges with finding suitably qualified and experienced recruitment professionals to work within their organisations.

As such, a reliance on international skilled employees exists where Ethos Migration Lawyers ensures to facilitate this process on behalf of recruitment agencies.

Improvements and advancements in technology is supporting recruitment businesses to match the right candidates to the right roles whilst attracting talent where it is needed.

The Australian recruitment industry has a need for suitably skilled recruiters to deliver services within Australia and globally for the wide-range of recruitment firms in Australia.

Ethos Migration Lawyers have a particular focus on the recruitment industry, assisting some of Australia’s largest recruitment firms with their international skilled employee requirements, and sponsorship obligations.

How Ethos Migration Lawyers partner with the Recruitment Industry

One of Australia’s most well-known as largest recruitment agencies approached Ethos Migration Lawyers to assist with establishing the business as an approved sponsor, and sponsoring a highly skilled recruitment consultant from the United Kingdom.

Ethos Migration Lawyers carefully assessed the requirements of the business against the available visa options, and implemented a strategy and managed the applications for the business to become an approved sponsor, nominate the skilled worker, and facilitate the skilled worker’s visa to work in Australia.

The Challenge

The processing times for the relevant visa applications were between 6-8 months, however the business had a significant contract it required to fulfill and the business needed the worker on the ground in Australia and working within 2 weeks.

The Solution

Ethos Migration Lawyers worked closely with the business to develop and present a strong business case for the Department of Home Affairs to consider, with the aim of securing priority processing.

The Department of Immigration approved the priority processing request and all three visa applications were granted within 48 hours.

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