If you provide the Australian Department of Home Affairs (Immigration Department) with a bogus document, or information that is false and/or misleading the Minister has the power to refuse the visa and impose you with Public Interest Criterion 4020, causing a three year ban from being granted an Australian visa.

Below Ethos Migration Lawyers explore what exactly the PIC 4020 is, what visas it can be applied to, how to obtain a waiver of PIC 4020 and what are the consequences of being imposed with PIC 4020;

So what exactly is PIC 4020?

PIC 4020 gives authority to the Minister to refuse to grant a visa if the applicant provides a bogus document or information that is false or misleading in relation to their application or if the Minister is not satisfied of an applicant’s identity.

What Australian visas can PIC 4020 be imposed on?

Meeting Public Interest Criterion 4020 is a requirement for most skilled migration visas, business visas, temporary visas, student and family visas.

Some permanent residency visas do not have the PIC 4020 criteria.

Bogus (fake) documents and information that is false or misleading

The Department of Home Affairs must not receive bogus (fake) document’s in relation to an Australian visa application.

An example of a bogus document, is a fake certified copy of a birth certificate, English test or other document required for the purposes of a visa application.

Applicants are also not permitted to provide information to the Department that is false or misleading such as, answering questions incorrectly, not disclosing the full scope of a question or request, or lying about an aspect of your visa application.

Consequences of being imposed PIC 4020

If your visa application is refused and you are imposed with PIC 4020 due to you or any of your family unit providing bogus documents and/or information that is false or misleading you may be prevented from being granted with an Australian visa for a period of three years.

Requesting a waiver of PIC 4020

If you have been imposed with PIC 4020 and wish to make a visa application within three years of your ban you are able to apply for a waiver of PIC 4020. A waiver of PIC 4020 is only granted in limited circumstances and you must be able to satisfy the minister that:

  • Compelling circumstances affecting Australia exist  or;
  • Compelling or compassionate reasons affecting an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen exist.

If you have been affected by Public Interest Criterion 4020, or believe you may be imposed with this criterion please contact Ethos Migration Lawyers at info@ethosmigration.com.au or call us on 1300 083 843 for further professional advice on your options before responding to the Department.

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