Overseas Business Sponsorship

Overseas Business Sponsorship

Overseas Business Sponsorship for the TSS (subclass 482) Visa


Businesses that operate outside of Australia have the option to sponsor employees to work in Australia to establish or assist in establishing a business that is based overseas or to fulfill or assist in fulfilling contractual arrangements that a business may have in Australia.

Overseas business sponsorship’s are commonly used by international businesses looking to establish a presence in the Australian market or have contracts in Australia for a period of time that need to be completed by overseas nationals.


Overseas Business Sponsors must meet a range of criteria that differ from standard business sponsorship’s that include but are not limited to;

  • the business must be lawfully operating outside of Australia
  • the business does not have any existing business operations in Australia
  • the business can demonstrate a genuine need to sponsor overseas workers in Australia

Sponsorship Period/Validity

The period of the Overseas Business Sponsorship varies depending on the reason the approval is sought;

  • In matters that overseas businesses are required to fulfil contractual obligations in Australia, the sponsorship approval period is fixed to the length of the expected completion of the contract
  • In matters that overseas business are looking to establish a presence in Australia, the sponsorship can be approved for a period of up to five years given the business is an established and operating business overseas.

Next steps?

Ethos Migration Lawyers will work with you to assess your businesses eligibility to become an approved sponsor and discuss both short-term and long-term objectives to ensure your businesses strategy is aligned with its immigration requirements.

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The diverse team at Ethos Migration is well placed to assist your business explore opportunities in the Australian market. We have successfully assisted a range of businesses across a broad range of sectors establish their presence in Australia.
At Ethos Migration, we understand that your immigration requirements are just one function of your businesses overall operations. As such, we ensure that we provide a holistic business approach to our services enabling your business to continue to flourish in the Australian market.
By utilising the latest technology currently being offered, Ethos Migration is able to provide a seamless and efficient experience when working closely with our clients.

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