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Occupations for removal and changes released – Flagged Occupations

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Occupation List Changes Flagged Occupations

The Department of Jobs and Small Business released the Traffic Light Bulletin on 1 June 2018, flagging a number of occupations which may be altered or altogether removed from the list of occupations for skilled migration.

People looking to apply for skilled employer-sponsored, points-tested or state-nominated visas are required to nominate an occupation for which they can show relevant qualifications and work experience. The Department regularly reviews the occupation lists to reflect shortages in the labour market which cannot be filled by Australians alone.

Occupations on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) are eligible for visas of up to two years, with the possibility to renew the visa for a further two years. The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL) can apply for up to four years, with eligibility for permanent residency after three years.

We encourage those seeking to stay long-term in Australia through the skilled migration program to take note of the proposed changes. Your occupation may be affected and in turn your ability to obtain permanent residency. We’ve noted that numerous occupations particularly involved in the textile and film industry have been flagged for removal from both lists.

The Department invites industries and stakeholders to provide feedback, including that in relation to occupations which have not been flagged at all. Nevertheless, the Department says there will not be changes to other occupation that is not already mentioned in the May 2018 traffic light bulletin.

Businesses, organisations and industry groups that are facing skill shortages are encouraged to provide submissions to the Department for their consideration.

Submissions can be made by clicking here.

If this raises concerns for you, of you would generally like more information on the skilled migration program, please contact Ethos Migration to determine your best options.

Industry groups, and businesses are also welcome to contact us for assistance in preparing written submissions to the Department of Jobs and Small Business in respect to the shortages faced in your industry.

The proposed changes to the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), Medium Long Term Skilled Shortage List (MLTSSL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL) are listed below.

Red – Occupations which may be removed from STSOL and/or MLTSSL.

ANZSCOOccupationCurrent StatusTraffic Light Red
211499Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals necSTSOLOFF
212312Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)STSOLOFF
212314Film and Video EditorSTSOLOFF
212315Program Director (Television or Radio)STSOLOFF
212316Stage ManagerSTSOLOFF
212317Technical DirectorSTSOLOFF
212318Video ProducerSTSOLOFF
241311Middle School TeacherSTSOLOFF
323215Textile, Clothing and Footwear MechanicSTSOLOFF
323316Watch and Clock Maker and RepairerSTSOLOFF
342411Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)STSOLOFF
342413Telecommunications LinesworkerSTSOLOFF
399211Chemical Plant OperatorSTSOLOFF
399312Library TechnicianSTSOLOFF
411715Residential Care OfficerSTSOLOFF
599612Insurance Loss AdjusterSTSOLOFF

Orange—Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) Occupations for possible movement to STSOL

ANZSCOOccupationCurrent StatusTraffic Light orange
221112Management AccountantMLTSSLSTSOL
234111Agricultural ConsultantMLTSSLSTSOL
312212Civil Engineering TechnicianMLTSSLSTSOL

Yellow—STSOL occupations for a possible move to MLTSSL

ANZSCOOccupationCurrent StatusTraffic Light yellow

Purple—Occupations for possible movement from STSOL to Regional Occupations List (ROL)

ANZSCOOccupationCurrent StatusTraffic Light purple

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