Doctors from the United Kingdom are considering working in Australia as an alternative to working in the UK.

Shorter working hours, greater working conditions, and higher wages are just some of the reasons doctors from the UK are considering their options in migrating to Australia.

The recent interest from doctors working in the UK has come about after the United Kingdoms Health Secretary has introduced tough new measures on junior doctors that would require young trainee doctors work longer hours and receiving a reduced wage in the UK’s public hospital system.

The Guardian has reported that a day after the UK’s Health Secretary confirmed the new measures, more than 3,400 applications were put forward to apply for certificates to be able to practice outside of the United Kingdom.

For doctor’s living and practising in the United Kingdom there are a range of Australian visa options available to them such as temporary work 457 visas, skilled independent visa subclass 189 and employer sponsored visa 190.

The head of the Australian Medical Association, Associate professor Brian Owler has stated that junior doctors should be ‘highly valued’ and that Australia should welcome any doctors from the UK looking at pursuing options to practice in Australia.

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