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Information Technology Industry

Information Technology is shaping Australia in unprecedented ways with the rise of cloud computing, and software solutions enabling businesses to become more efficient and productive.

Australia has a enormous IT market that provides a range of services from sophisticated cloud computing to software development and engineering. Many of the world’s most recognised brands are establishing a strong presence in Australia to remain globally competitive, and as such the mobility of their people is a core function that needs to be addressed and handled with care.

This is where Ethos Migration assists.

Ethos Migration works with small, medium and large scale organisations in Australia and internationally in the Information Technology industry to ensure businesses in Australia are able to employ the right people for the right job.

In some cases, businesses need to employ skilled worker’s that are not Australian citizens or permanent residents which require sponsorship.

Case Study

A large Silicon Valley IT start up approached Ethos Migration to assist with a senior IT specialists to transfer from their Californian office to their Melbourne office to assist with the establishment of the Melbourne operations.

This business, had secured A$12M in funding to expand and create a presence in Australia and New Zealand to implement their product to the various businesses already signed up.

The IT solution provided by the company did not exist in the Australian market, and as such the IT Specialist from the United States was required to be on the floor in Australia to implement the product, before moving on to New Zealand.

Ethos Migration successfully secured a four year working visa for the IT Specialist sponsored by the businesses branch in Melbourne.

How Ethos Migration can assist your organisation

Having worked extensively with a range of Australian and international IT businesses, Ethos Migration can assist businesses with sponsoring international skilled employees to work in Australia.

We work closely with businesses to assist the business with sponsoring individuals the business has identified are suitable to be employed by the business.

To explore how Ethos Migration can assist your organisation, please contact us using our online contact form below or alternatively, call 1300 083 843.

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