New Global Talent Scheme opens up with visas for tech startups & highly skilled workers

New Global Talent Scheme opens up with visas for tech startups & highly skilled workers

A new pilot scheme for tech startups and employers looking to bring highly-skilled workers has been launched by the Australian government.

Startups and companies may find it easier to bring these workers to Australia using the new Global Talent visa scheme.

Eligible companies will be able to sponsor workers for up to 4 years on Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas.

Jobs are not required to be on skills shortage lists, and simpler applications with faster processing have been promised.

From July 1, the Global Talent visa scheme is open for roles which cannot be filled by Australian workers, or through the existing Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) scheme.

It will operate with 2 streams:

  • Established business: Companies who are accredited sponsors will be able to sponsor up to 20 highly skilled workers with “cutting edge skills” a year. Companies must be publicly listed or have an annual turnover of at least $4 million for each of the past 2 years. The annual minimum salary threshold will be $145,400 per worker.


  • Startup: This is for startups in the technology and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Up to 5 positions can be filled via this route.

Prospective companies must demonstrate how access to the scheme will support job opportunities and skills transfer for Australians. They then enter into an agreement with the Government to be sponsors under the scheme.

They must also perform labour market tests.

It’s good news as well for those looking to bring start-ups to Australia, as equity can be counted towards the minimum salary of $80,000 a year.

Startups will be assessed and endorsed by an independent advisory panel.

The visa route can also be used as a pathway to permanent residence after 3 years.

If you’re an up and coming start-up interested in expanding into Australia, or a business looking to become an accredited sponsor, Ethos Migration can help.

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