Global Talent Independent (GTI) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Global Talent Independent (GTI) Visa Program?

  • The Global Talent Visa Program is also referred to as the Global Talent Independent Program (GTI Program) is a streamlined visa pathway that is offered to individuals that are highly skilled and talented. The GTI program allows these highly skilled professionals to live in Australia permanently and enables them to work in Australia. The program endeavours to enhance the innovativeness of our tech economies.

How many places are available for the GTI program?

  • For the year 2020-2021, there are 15,000 positions available for prospective applicants. This is a large allocation when considering the allocations provided to other visa programmes.  

Do I need to seek assistance from a Global Talent Officer?

  • There is no requirement whereby an applicant must engage with a Global Talent Officer (GTO) in order to apply for the GTI Program.

Is my Area of Expertise a Target Sector?

  • To be eligible, the prospective candidate must possess highly specialised skills within one of the following 10 target sectors:
    • Resources
    • Agri-food and Agricultural Technology
    • Energy
    • Health Industries
    • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
    • Circular Economy
    • Digital Technology
    • Infrastructure and Tourism
    • Financial Services and Financial Technology
    • Education

What talent must I possess:

  • The prospective candidate must:
    • Provide evidence showcasing that they are internationally recognised for their exceptional achievements, be currently renowned in their field of expertise, prove that they would be an asset to Australia, and be nominated by a recognised organisation or individual in Australia as a global talent.
    • Additionally, candidates will need to provide evidence of an exceptional track record.

What is Considered as “High Income”?

  • Nominees must be able to attract a salary of AUD$153,600. However, in assessing whether a candidate can attract this salary in Australia, consideration will be given to the candidate’s current salary, future job offers and recent PhD graduates in the targeted sectors.
  • It is important to note that you do not need to be earning a salary of AUD$153,600 but must provide evidence and information that you are likely to receive a salary of that amount based on your qualifications, skills and experience.

How do I apply for the GTI Program?

  • STEP 1:
    • The first step is to submit an expression of interest (EOI). The department will notify the prospective candidate whether they are successful or unsuccessful with their EOI and if successful they will receive a unique invitation.
  • STEP 2:
    • Once the unique invitation has been received, the candidate will be able to lodge their Global Talent (Subclass 858) visa application via their ImmiAccount.

Is there a delay in processing the applications?

  • Unfortunately, despite the GTI program being a streamlined visa pathway, COVID-19 has caused some delays in the processing of the Expression of Interests (EOIs). However, notwithstanding the current delays, all interested applicants will be notified of their outcome via email or via their authorised immigration lawyer/migration agent.

What If I Possess a Hong Kong Passport?

  • If you possess a Hong Kong passport your visa application will be prioritised as per the announcements from the Australian government.

Can I get assistance to apply for the GTI program?

Yes. Ethos Migration Lawyers has assisted numerous applicants successfully receive invitations to apply for the Global Talent Independent (GTI) program and apply for their permanent residency visa. 

Our team of immigration lawyers and registered migration agents keep up to date with the latest updates regarding the program and represent applicants in putting forward the strongest application possible maximising chances of a successful outcome.

How can I contact Ethos Migration Lawyers?

If you would like further information on the Global Talent Independent (GTI) program please contact us by scheduling a consultation with an expert migration lawyer and registered migration agent, send us an online enquiry or call our office on 1300 083 843.

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