Corporate Immigration Monitoring & Compliance

Internal Immigration Auditing & Compliance Services

Ethos Migration Lawyers offer businesses an option to undertake audits and ongoing compliance of their visa holding population and sponsorship obligations.

This representation allows businesses to understand where they are and where they (may) need to be from a compliance standpoint.

Our immigraiton audits clearly identify any issues with the businesses and visa holders immigration compliance and ensures businesses are well protected from sanctions or significant financial penalties.


Auditing & Compliance Services

We will on an ongoing periodical basis check all visa holders work rights and report on any changes and provide recommended advice as required.

There are many key dates that businesses must be aware of with their visa holding population. We will monitor and advise on key dates relating to visa holder’s commencing and terminating employment, change of visa conditions, visa expiry dates and notification requirements.

We will maintain and manage on your behalf your businesses sponsorship obligations and provide updates and notifications to Immigration as required ensuring your business remains at all times compliant.

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Immigration Auditing & Ongoing Compliance Services

Importance of Pro-Actively Auditing your business

Remaining compliant as an employer and/or a Standard Business Sponsor is a very important aspect to always consider to continue to be able to sponsor international employees and avoid sanctions and significant financial penalties. 


Your obligations as a sponsor do not end at the same time
the sponsorship approval ends. You could be expected to stay complaint for up to five
years after your sponsorship ends. The department will continue to monitor you
and your sponsored employees to ensure they are still complying with their visa
conditions and your obligations as a sponsor.


Main Obligations as a sponsor

  •      Inform the Department when certain events occur
  •        Ensure your sponsored employees only work in their nominated occupation
  •     Ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment
  •     Not engage in discriminatory recruitment practices
  •     Keep records
  •     Provide records and information
  •     Assume costs for travel, location of unlawful    citizens and nomination charges
  •     Cooperate with inspectors should they wish to audit your business. 

How We Help?

          A full confidential audit of every aspect in regard to foreign workers and their working rights

          Review your sponsorship obligations at regular intervals to ensure you are staying compliant

          Collate records and manage paperwork for foreign workers in preparation for department organised audits

          Provide advice and strategies on future sponsorships


          Identify and advise on potential risks your business may face regarding current and future sponsorships

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