COVID-19 – Subclass 408 Visa Stream Available for Temporary Visa Holders in Australia

The Australian Government has introduced a legislative instrument in favour of certain temporary visa holders currently in Australia enabling them to remain in Australia throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The legislative instrument introduces a new stream under the Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408), which has been introduced to help those who would normally be required to leave Australia on their current visa conditions, however, are unable to leave due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Which temporary visa holders are eligible for this visa?

Temporary visa holders who:

  • Hold a visa which is ceasing within the next 28 days;
  • Held a visa which has ceased within the last 28 days;
  • Are currently in Australia;
  • Are unable to apply for a consecutive visa of the same subclass they currently hold or have held;
  • Are unable to apply for any other temporary visa;
  • Work in essential services or in the supply of essential goods during the COVID-19 pandemic including, but not limited to, agriculture, aged care and public health.

This visa stream has been introduced to allow temporary residents who work in essential services or in the supply of essential goods to continue this work. This is in response to shortages in fields such as agriculture, aged care and public health.

This legislative instrument was signed on the 4th April 2020 and came into effect on the 5th April 2020.

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