Corporate Immigration Services – Sporting Industry



Corporate Immigration Services – Sporting Industry


Industry Overview

The sporting industry in Australia has greatly benefited from globalisation by assisting with its commercialisation. Globalisation has facilitated the use of electronic technology, the increase speed of information and the ease at which humans can move around the globe, making the world a smaller and more accessible place. Consequently, the popularity of sports in Australia has also meant that investment in infrastructure, talent development and events has intensified the flow of money in sports across international boundaries.

The Australian sporting industry has been consistently successful on a globally competitive stage due to its rich cultural diversity and its emphasis on recruiting talented and ambitious sports men and women from around the world. The sports industry is more competitive than ever before, as the resources invested by other countries in the sporting industry continue to rise, thus global recruitment is now paramount to the success of many sporting clubs in Australia.

How Ethos Migration partners with the Australian sporting industry


Services and Solutions

Ethos Migration has assisted a range of clients in the sporting industry looking to recruit and develop talented sportspeople from overseas. Importantly, we have developed close working relationships with various sports clubs and organisations across Australia and this collaborative working relationship allows Ethos Migration to service directly the needs of the sporting community in terms of overseas recruitment.

Our services assist overseas sports players who are attending sporting competitions and events in Australia. Ethos Migration can also facilitate the migration of businesses and individuals seeking to invest in the sporting industry in Australia.

With our assistance certain visas will allow you to:

  • Take part in competitive sports training in Australia at a high level
  • Stay in Australia and work in a nominated position and undertake activities in Australia for that nominated position
  • Invest in the local sporting industry

Our immigration services include advice and assistance on the following:

  • Assisting with the grant of business sponsorship, nomination and visa applications for both temporary and permanent sports recruitment
  • The preparation, lodgement and approval of sponsorships, nominations and visa applications
  • Compliance issues, the monitoring of a business sponsorships and audits
  • Reviewing contractual labour agreements
  • Advising of any heath matters and health waiver criteria
  • Any language and cross-border requirements
  • Assisting with visas for short duration events
  • Assisting with visas specific to unpaid trainees


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