Corporate Immigration Services – Not for profit and NGO’s



Corporate Immigration Services – Non for profits and NGO’s


Industry Overview

‘Not-for-profit’ describes a range of different types of organisation in the industries of charities, sporting clubs and community clubs. There are many challenges specific to this industry given that change is constant, the pressure of raising funds and the impact of government policy.

Over the past two decades, Australian governments – both state and federal have retreated from certain service delivery. The not-for-profit providers have seen a trend of domination in areas like disability, employment support, support for youth and families, poverty alleviation and community housing. Governments have proven to be increasingly leveraging the legitimacy, trustworthiness and social capital they embody, in addition to lower operating costs.

In order to deliver the intended societal outcomes of the not-for-profit sector, organisations need to have access to specialised human resources to facilitate the successful implementation of their initiatives.

How Ethos Migration partners with Non for profit organisations and NGO’s


Services and Solutions

The not-for-profit and NGO sector has experienced rapid growth and given the sectors wide reach and diversity it is necessary for the sector to be able to access migration services that understands their specific needs.

Ethos Migration understands what drives the sector’s growth and development and we can assist with:

  • Promoting organisational economic growth through investment
  • Promoting organisational economic growth through overseas skilled labour participation and diversity
  • Provide advice relating to the regulatory requirements specific to the not-for-profit sector
  • Assisting with the grant of business sponsorship arrangements and managing sponsorship obligations
  • The preparation, lodgment and approval of sponsorships, nominations and visa applications
  • Compliance issues, the monitoring of business sponsorships and audits
  • Reviewing contractual labour agreements
  • Overseeing the legal and regulatory responsibilities of a not-for-profit organization to their overseas skilled workers
  • Licenses and registrations of specialist/ skilled workers
  • Advising of any health and health waiver criteria
  • Any language and cross-border requirements

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