Corporate Immigration Services – Healthcare Industry


Corporate Immigration Services – Healthcare Industry

Industry Overview

Meeting the skilled labour force needs of the Health Sector is becoming increasingly necessary given that health and allied care organisations are heavily reliant on overseas skilled workers to supplement their Australian workforce. Australia has been using international migration to compensate for demographic trend and skill shortages and this dependency on international medical graduates and skilled professionals will continue as our population continues to grow.

When shortfalls are being experienced in the health care sector we have seen a strong collaborative policy approach between the Department of Health and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This is in part due to the vital nature of the service the health care industry delivers to Australians to minimise the risk associated with not having effective service delivery in Australia.

Given the increasing trend health care professionals moving from the public sector to the private sector and the Australian ageing workforce there is an even strong need to ensure workforce participation is maintained through migration strategies.

Healthcare professionals include a very broad range skilled occupations that include but are not limited to nurses, general practitioners, community and disability support workers, aged care workers, allied health professionals, and mental health practitioners.


How Ethos Migration partners with the Australian healthcare sector

Services and Solutions

Ethos Migration services range from advice to visa solutions specific to the healthcare sector.

At Ethos Migration we understand the international recruitment, human resources and risk management strategies are necessary to deliver a seamless process to achieve visa approvals while minimising the amount of time, risk and costs associated with the process.

Our immigration services include advice and assistance on the following:

  • Assisting with the grant of business sponsorship arrangements and managing sponsorship obligations
  • The preparation, lodgment and approval of sponsorships, nominations and visa applications
  • Compliance issues, the monitoring of a business sponsorships and audits
  • Reviewing contractual labour agreements
  • Overseeing the legal and regulatory responsibilities of a business to their overseas workers
  • Licenses and registrations of overseas skilled healthcare professionals
  • Advising of any heath and health waiver criteria
  • Any language or cross-border requirements

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