Corporate Immigration Services – Construction Industry

Assisting the Construction Industry with their immigration requirements

Industry Overview

The construction industry plays a significant role in determining economic growth in Australia as it is the fourth largest contributor to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The industry dominates both the private and public sector with their three main areas of activity consisting of residential building, non-residential building and engineering construction.

The construction industry is also the third largest employing industry in Australia and it has frequently experienced skilled worker shortages. As a result, the Australian construction industry has relied on skilled overseas workers to supplement its Australian based labour force.

Additionally, when looking at the construction industry it is necessary to also consider business investments and the strong demand for migrants seeking to invest in the industry.  This is largely due to a strong decline in public infrastructure funding and a strong increase of private investment into Australia. With the increase in population growth, industry activity, consumer sentiment, and interests rates the construction industry is expected to continue expanding and developing.

How Ethos Migration partners with the Australian Construction Industry

Services and Solutions

Having worked extensively with a range of employers in the construction Industry, Ethos Migration Lawyers are aware of the skills shortages specific to the industry and some of the perceived difficulties that can arise for employers when trying to bridge the skills shortage gap in the industry.

Furthermore, Ethos Migration also facilitate the migration of businesses and individuals seeking to invest in the construction industry in Australia.

Our immigration services include advice and assistance on the following:

  • Assisting with the grant of business sponsorship arrangements and managing sponsorship obligations
  • The preparation, lodgement and approval of sponsorships, nominations and visa applications
  • Compliance issues, the monitoring of a business sponsorship’s and its associated audit requirements
  • Preparing, submitting and reviewing contractual labour agreements
  • Overseeing the legal and regulatory responsibilities of a business to their overseas workers
  • Licenses and registrations of overseas skilled professionals
  • Advising of any heath issues and addressing the relevant health waiver criteria
  • Any language and cross-border requirements

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