Corporate Immigration Services – Not for Profit & NGO’s



Corporate Immigration Services – Not for Profit and NGO’s Industry


Industry Overview

The not-for-profit and NGO sector has had a strong increase in demand for specialised and skilled worker’s in the industry due to the large and diverse nature of the sector.

The industry is broad and comprises of organisations and groups that provide services surrounding health, education, sport and recreation, social services, environment, animal welfare, human rights, religious practices and art’s and culture.

The last research report conducted by the Australian Government’s Productivity Commision found that there are approximately 600,00 not-for-profit and NGO organisations in Australia.

The industry has had a heavy reliance on utilising an international skilled workforce due to the diverse and complex requirements and needs of these organisations. Specific cultural, and background knowledge is sometimes required in addition to expertise in the field.

How Ethos Migration partners with the Australian Not For Profit and NGO Sector

Services and Solutions

Ethos Migration services range from advice to visa solutions specific to the not for profit and NGO sector.

At Ethos Migration we understand the international recruitment, human resources and risk management strategies that are necessary to deliver a seamless process to achieve visa approvals while minimising the amount of time, risk and costs associated with the process.

Our immigration services include advice and assistance on the following:

  • Assisting with the grant of business sponsorship arrangements and managing sponsorship obligations
  • The preparation, lodgement and approval of sponsorships, nominations and visa applications
  • Compliance issues, the monitoring of a business sponsorship obligations and audits
  • Establishing and reviewing labour agreements
  • Overseeing the legal and regulatory responsibilities of a business to their overseas workers
  • Licenses and registrations of overseas skilled professionals
  • Advising of any English and/or health waiver criteria if applicable
  • Any language or cross-border requirements

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