Australian General Skilled Migration Statistics – March 2015

The Department of Immigration of Australia let out a report on the SkillSelect Invitation Round which was held on 13 February. It proved to be very useful for prospective applicants falling under the General Skilled Migration based on the released statistical figures. Those applicants who lodged Expression of Interests on 29 January, got invitations on 13 February, showing that the waiting time was about 2 weeks for this.

A large number of EOIs are suspected to have been lodged during the time between December 2014 and March this year, thus increasing the time of wait to be significantly greater. This could go up to more than 2 weeks for turns after 13 February. The rising demand for EOI invitations has resulted in the increased point score to a minimum of 65 now.

The occupational zenith for ANZSCO 2611 (ICT Business and Systems Analysts) has been achieved. This implies that no more invitations will be sent under Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489 visa and Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa. This will be on hold until 1 July, 2015 when the new migration program opens up.

There is good news awaiting those who wish to apply for the 489 family sponsored visas. Earlier, very small numbers of invitations were sent to those applicants who were nominated by a family member. For such candidates, a minimum of 65 points was mandatory and the time for receiving invitation could be 6 months or even more. Since the round which took place on 13 February, a lot has changed like 500 invitations were sent out under this category to applicants who scored a minimum of 65 points and were skilled.

When the minimum scoring point was 60, the waiting time was an estimated 10 months while the same when increased to 65 points; there were greater chances of getting invitations in the next round itself. Family sponsorship can fetch applicant 10 points in the test. The family member should be a permanent Australian resident or citizen residing in a specified area. Also you, need to have a skills assessment done for the SOL occupation in order to be eligible.

The upper limit for occupations like Accountants and Software and Applications Programmer are reaching completion. Invitations under each of these categories are being done proportionally until 1 July, 2015.

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