As of Saturday 18th November 2016, overseas workers on a subclass 457 visa will only be permitted to stay in Australia for 60 days after the termination of their employer instead of the current 90 days.

This announcement was made by the Minister for Immigration & Border Protection Peter Dutton advising that it will be implemented for those visas that have been granted on or after the 18th November 2016.

The motivation behind this amendment is to ensure the subclass 457 visa programme is meeting its intent of supplementing Australian workers, instead of substituting them.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said ” The Australian government values the contribution made by the many skilled persons who work in Australia on 457 visas, but where there is an Australian worker ready, willing and able to perform a role it is the government’s policy that they have priority”.

Labour Minister Bill Shorten is campaigning to have jobs advertised locally for at least four weeks before an overseas worker is sourced.

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