Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400)

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400)

If you or your business requires an individual from overseas to undertake short term, specific professional activities the subclass 400 visa may be a suitable solution.

The Subclass 400 visa enables international workers to:

  • Enter and remain in Australia for up to three months, with the ability of up to six months in special circumstances
  • Bring dependant family members with them to Australia

The subclass 400 visa has three streams that are available for use:

  • Highly Specialised Work Stream

This stream is for people that will undertake an activity in Australia that requires highly specialised skills and experience for an activity that is not ongoing. The skills of the applicant must be highly specialised and are not able to be reasonably found in the Australian labour market. Many corporate client’s use this for exchange programs, or activities that require support from other offices internationally.

  • Invited Participant Stream

This stream is for people that have been incited to participate in an activity or event by an Australian organisation. The activity or event must be short-term, non-ongoing and the individual cannot be remunerated for their participation (special circumstances allow for remuneration such as prize money or rewards). This stream is commonly used by sports people participating in a sporting event in Australia and are not getting paid for it. 

  • Australia’s Interest Stream

This stream is for people who are required to travel to Australia due to compelling circumstances that affect the interests of Australia. This stream can cover a range of uses, such as people coming to Australia to assist with a natural disaster or emergency situation, or other international trade or business requirements that possess significant trade or cross-cultural opportunities for Australia.

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) Visa (subclass 400)

For someone who will undertake work that is highly specialised and not in an ongoing position.
For someone who has been invited to undertake participation in an event that has been organised by an Australian organisation.
For someone that is required to enter Australia due to compelling circumstances that affect the interest’s of Australia.

If you or your organisation is considering inviting an international worker to Australia under one of the above streams, please contact Ethos Migration via an online enquiry, email or on 1300 083 843 to arrange an in-depth consultation regarding the options available to you or your business.

Ethos Migration assists several large-scale organisations with their global mobility requirements, which include a substantial use of the Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400). 

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