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2020-2021 Migration Program Planning Levels Released

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The Department of Home Affairs has today released the specific allocations to each of the visa categories.

The Department has advised that the migration program has been specifically designed to achieve a range of social and economic outcomes that comprise of the ‘skill stream’, the ‘family stream’ and ‘special eligibility stream’ which covers visas for people in special circumstances (such as permanent residents returning to Australia after a substantial time away).

A summary can be found below:

Employer Sponsored Visas22,000
Skilled Independent (SC189)6,500
Regional Visas11,200
State/Territory Nominated (SC491/SC190)11,200
Business Innovation & Investment (SC188)13,500
Global Talent Visas (GTI & GTES)15,000
Distinguished Talent Visas200
Partner Visas (SC820/309)72,300
Parent Visas4,500
Other Family Visas500
Special Eligibility100
Child Visas3,000

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