The Government of South Australia – Immigration South Australia has announced changes to their state nomination programme.

The ‘high-points’ threshold will now be raised from 80 points to 85 points after a majority of the nominations issued by the state were achieved via the previous 80 points requirement.

The new requirement will come into effect at 9.00AM on Friday 19 April 2017.

For applications that have been lodged prior to this date, the changes will not affect their applications and will still be able to receive a nomination based on 80 points if selected.

The South Australian Government has advised that applications for high points nominations that are applied for after the new changes come into effect will be refused.

Further changes include the following occupations will be excluded from the high points and chain migration streams:

Accountant (General) – ANZSCO 221111

Human Resources Advisor – ANZSCO 223111

Marketing Specialist – ANZCSO 225113

Sales Representative – ANZSCO 611399

University Lecturer – ANZSCO 2421111

University Tutor – ANZSCO 2421112

Hospital Pharmacist – ANZSCO 251511

Retail Pharmacist – ANZSCO 251513

The above occupation’s will not be availavle for the high points or chain migration streams with effective immediately, however these changes will not affect applications that have been lodged priot to 1.00PM on 5 April 2017. Again, Immigration South Australia has advised that applications lodged for the specified occupations after the cut-off date will be refused.

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